Effective 1 June, 2014, Robert J. Rademacher will assume operation and total ownership of VENDAPIN LLC.  His mom and dad are retiring after 50 years of continuous service in office machine vending access controls. 

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VENDAPIN LLC is an engineering, assembly and manufacturing company specializing in Vending Access Control Payment System Products, Vending Machine Controller (VMC) Boards.Card/Ticket Dispenser Products are manufactured and marketed by XCP Corp.

Coin-op Copier & Printer Vending Cost Recovery Payment Systems Compatible With Most Print Release Software. Vend Copies In Color and also Black & White With 8 Vend Prices.

Accept; Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express Credit Cards with the USA Technologies e-Port credit card reader, or Coinco's Iris Credit Card Payment Terminal, or RFID Debit MIFARE VendaCards, Currency and Coins. 

Please check out our YouTube Video Channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/VENDAPINLLC/videos?view=0

VENDAPIN LLC is your source for Vending Machine Control (VMC) Boards & the new RFID MIFARE Debit VendaCard Debit Payment System for the many different vending applications. All Card/Ticket Dispensers and other dispenser mechanisms and dispenser machines are manufactured and sold by XCP Corporation.

For any unique vending application, VENDAPIN can custom design a vending solution for you, or XCP Corporation can provide the card/dispenser for your application. See our YouTube Video Channel for live video demonstrations of our vending access control payment products and card/ticket dispensers.

 XCP Corporation is taking over manufacturing and sales of card/ticket dispensers and related dispenser devices and machines.  Please feel free to call our XCP office number 352-678-3021 or our personal cell phones at: 352-279-7727 & 352-279-0118. E-mail: sales@xcp.com